Though we offer wide range of solutions under more than 15 industry verticals, we would like to highlight a few here.


Government Technology is critical and highly in demand for the phase changing cities and municipalities. Our expert experience in Government Technologies covers information security, regulatory and Government policy compliance, international standards and best practices consulting, workflow automations, mobile governance, system architectures and business group consulting in resolving business problems with technology, cost reduction, monetization strategy for Government agencies, unbiased technical vendor selection process, promoting Government, establishing online presence, enabling Mobility, preparing RFP, Software requirements, auditing software delivery quality and ensure adherence to RFP.


Our expert experience with Airport ranges from digital media services, digitization of interactive Airport maps, mobility and customer experience, analytics, digital displays, FIDS, Mobile Apps, Scheduler Apps, eCommerce, Shop & Pick Services, Airport Hotels and much more revenue generating business models. We adhere to strict security regulations and global industry standards.


Airlines are emerging faster than ever with demand in the travel and increasing spending power and shifting global economic trends. We find potential opportunities in Airline and travel industry. From customer feedback and survey applications to workflow automation, online customer self-service portal, digital media displays and streaming, advertising and advertiser management systems, affiliate management systems, corporate website, shareholder annual reports and distribution, emailers and tracking systems, SMS and tracking, online marketing campaigns, Social media management, online events management, online reputation management, strategy planning and 3rd party partnering for continuous progress.


Creativity is the life source for media and technology is the backbone. We have mastered both. We provide a robust technology platform for media and bring it to life with creativity beyond imagination. We are people with a clear and assertive business sense, hence we never miss a point that contributes to the analytics that tells us the value of every penny you spend. We are calculative and highly result oriented. We continuously optimize the campaigns, media and spending to ensure overall success and long-term benefits. Our media solution will help you achieve high returns in Online Advertising & Promotions, Mobile Advertising, Digital Graphics Media, Digital Photography & Video Production, Post Production FX, Audio Production, Animation Videos, Script Writing and Long-Term Marketing Partnership.

Currently we support offline-marketing partnerships in the following cities and countries.

Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

New York City, NY; Jersey City, NJ


Currently we support startups through our voluntary support initiative for startups called “Startup Program”.

learn more about the “Startup Program”.