Our products range from consumer facing CRM and CMS to enterprise information security and business applications.Whatever your business, we help you achieve your business goals by making technology work for you. Our products help you, focus on your core business, reduce cost and enhance business efficiency. We build our products with an intelligence that evolves. We have the expertise to approach projects of any size and complexity.

We use flexible technology, custom support and expert advice to help your business grow. Our products are legacy friendly systems, backward compatible, extensible with plug and play components, scalable and business aware that collaborate and communicate with other business applications. They are compiled with industry standards,regulatory policies, country specific laws and Aquasofts Quality Standards (AQS).

WorkFlow Engine

Process and execution are the key to efficiency of operations in a corporate environment. Every organization is unique with their operations and process. Workflow Engine help define custom work process and flow across the organization with cross functional teams and geographies supporting geo-legal compliance, multi-lingual and multi-culture support and across departments complying departmental policies, collaborating on a centralized bus mostly without leaving their existing software systems such as Active Directory/ADFS, Oracle Clusters, HRM Systems, ECM, SAP and much more enterprise systems.

Build your own Business Applications!

The applications of Workflow Engine are imaginative. There is no limit how one could use it. Please follow us on our social media where we’ll write more about various ingenious ideas and applications based on various domains and industry verticals.

Following are some of the challenges faced by manual operations where Workflow Engine could be of very much useful:

Control over Policies, Compliance with Government Regulations &Laws, Human Errors

In most mid and large size organizations, there’s a mandate to comply with corporate policies, regulated industry and/or local and Federal Government policies and laws depending on nature of business. The situation becomes worse when it involve cross functional teams where every department of theirs have another layer of policies to comply.

An automated workflow engine with rules configured for every such department could be reused several hundred times in several process designs which could make the operations extremely easy, much faster and reliable avoiding human errors. Besides, it provides complete and centralized control over every rule and policy which will provide departments to operate independently and make policy changes quicker and safer.

Identifying Right Person For Tasks & Dependencies

Some tasks are repeated; some has complex procedures and execution hierarchies; some involve large number of people involvement; some are geographically distinct. Besides, logistics and physical threats to safety of documents, the most troublesome aspect is finding the right person to execute the task and their availability. In our studies, we found that most times, process gets delayed because people move, new people don’t get to know whom to approach for a task. They delays are costing organizations thousands of dollars.

An automated workflow engine that knows whom to approach with backup rules for the task would greatly be expediting process and flow even when there are dynamic changes. Also since it can be controlled and monitored centrally, it has the flexibility to quickly address when there is a roadblock.


  • Quick and easy – designed for non-technical users
  • Pre-built set of Workflows/Templates
  • Multi-layered architecture
  • Plug & Play Components
  • Plugins for Enterprise Applications
  • API’s for automation and integration
  • Well documented help system with how to videos


BugTrack is an consumer and enterprise friendly bug reporting tool. There are several bug trackers exist for developers and technical teams. Also, there exists a few for consumer to management. However, there is a huge gap in bridging what customer expect from a product and what technical teams get to know about it.

Businesses has some of the most interesting questions including

  1. Why sales don’t happen on an e-commerce portal?
  2. Why a corporate website don’t generate desired number of leads?
  3. Why our product is not the top selling in some regions?
  4. What are our customer expectations that can increase sales?

BugTrack is an intelligent software to gather user reported bugs and automatically gathered bugs from software products. BugTrack comes with out of the box integration APIs on REST protocols hence it supports any technology that can interact on REST protocol including .NET, Java, PHP, Perl and JavaScript.

The BugTrack unified dashboard with layered architecture can create abstracts for layers that can offer transparency across organization. For instance, the developers see every detail of a problem, a project/program manager see a high-level detail and a CEO could be interested in knowing how the product is performing, how happy their customers are.

Recruitment Desk

Our recruitment desk system is a 360 degree platform for recruitment. From job position planning, team brain storming, generating job descriptions based on required skills, posting jobs to multiple job boards, recruiting on social media, online application with social media integration, resume sorting and ranking, profile and vendor tracking, interview process manager, rating & decision helper, post interview communications, offer letter generator, contracts manager, legal documentations and feedback database.

Products Ready for Customization

  • Corporate Content Manager
  • Field Sales Agent
  • Restaurant System
  • Search Engine
  • editorBox CMS
  • Billing Engine
  • Survey Engine
  • Ticket Engine
  • Membership System