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A new age vision to sell you a varied range of Laptops and their accessories in a way you understand. When a layman wants to buy a laptop and doesn’t know how to read between the lines about number and configurations, Olaptop.com is a site he must visit. From the basics about computers to a detailed explanation about their configuration, it’s a delight even for a non technical person to read and comprehend. Simplified language and customer friendly write-ups is something to lookout for.

Aquasofts participated in the Unpluggd – Summer 2015 Edition. As an initiative to support  startups Olaptop.com has offered them to buy all branded Laptops & their accessories @ 100% Margin Free at the actual cost price for the first year. This  initiative was greatly appreciated by young entrepreneurs at the event.

Olaptop.com keeps updating their site to be at par with the market offering competitive rates and discounts. The second phase with rich information is expected to be launched soon.

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