A comprehensive information portal was launched to share a wide range of information about the city, its people, culture, landmarks, history, events, movies, and much more at lenght. The website is a huge collection of information that will help all travellers and citizens to know almost any information that they would like to know about Abu Dhabi on this portal.

News, Cinemas and Events sections are so fascinating to the residents of Abu Dhabi. A daily update on the news and a weekly update about the cinemas and the movies playing there is quite a read. Movies are mostly updated every Thursday. Events are showcased with rich information about the source, coverage articles, people behind the scenes and links to purchase tickets. has been successful in alluring a decent fan base of 12000+ following on the portals official Facebook Page. The phenomenal growth rates on Social media shows people interest and appreciation for the portal and information. The portal is growing at an approximate 200% week over week. The journey has just begun. A lot more to coming up. We will keep you posted…

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